Court Track & Field

Court Track & Field has been involved in the sports surfacing industry for more than 25 years with successfully completed projects including hockey fields and tennis court complexes and in the last 12 years more than 40 synthetic turf bowling green constructions.  We are a professional company and we provide our customers with a premium base, plinth and surfacing system along with professional service during and after construction, at an affordable price.   

Court Track & Field synthetic turf bowling greens are designed and constructed not just for 10 years but for 30 years and beyond.  Our base and plinth systems have proven the test of time and many of our original customers are choosing to resurface their synthetic greens onto the original base and plinth systems which remain in very good condition and continue to provide the base required to meet World Bowls Board Standard. 


Court Track & Field is the only sports field construction company in Western Australia using GBFS (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) for its base system. A time tested proven superior base product that allows for a strong, stable and permeable base, with a gradable finish well within allowable tolerances.   All of our greens have been constructed using GBFS for the base.


Our concrete block/galvanised steel plinth system too is built to last and we suggest that you examine our plinth system and compare it to that of our competitors to see that we don't comprise on strength, accuracy or quality.


With a 5 year warranty on the base and a 5 year warranty on the playing surface there is no reason to compromise on quality.  Complete with all installations and additional to the initial training, Court Track & Field provides follow up consultation with a scheduled 6 month inspection of the construction and availability to answer your questions and provide advice on an ongoing as needs basis.


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The Cambridge Bowling Club. Completed October 2012. Product: Dry Max Pro